Parents App

Manage the Blabloo smartphone remotely with the Blabloo Parents App.
There is no need to snatch the child’s smartphone from their hands.

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What can parents do on the Blabloo smartphone remotely via Blabloo Parents App?

Please Listen

Get your child’s attention in a stress-free way, even when using their smartphone.

It’s time to sleep

Get your child off the screen peacefully without snatching the smartphone from its hands.

Modes of Use

Turn the Blabloo smartphone into what children need at each moment of the day while putting boundaries in place.
Manage accessibility to each App or App category spontaneously.

It’s time to study

Allow access only to Apps useful for studying.


Allow or block access to the Play Store, main settings and connections.


Schedule accessibility to each App or App category remotely.


Look where your child is at any moment.
Get access to a seven-day history of your child’s movements.

A pre-installed SOS button allows your child to contact you in case of any danger.

SOS Button

If your child feels at risk and presses the SOS button on the Blabloo smartphone, it will call you automatically and non-stop.

An email notification with the coordinates of your child’s location will be also sent to you.