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it’s time for your kid’s first smartphone. How do you handle this?

to support your child's first steps,
 you just need to give them your hand

to teach your child to ride a bike, 
you need a bike, a helmet and a safe route

to let your child use a smartphone
safely and taking into account health concerns, all you need is blabloo

what is blabloo?

blabloo is a smartphone for kids whose functions are managed by parents remotely through an app

how does it work?


the blabloo


the free blabloo parents
app for the parent’s smartphone


the blabloo parents app
with blabloo smartphone

what you can do


with the blabloo

use it just like any other
android smartphone but
according to settings set
by the parents.

with the blabloo
parents app

supervise the main
functions of the
blabloo smartphone.

please listen

get the child's attention in a stress-free way even if the kid is using the smartphone

modes of use

manage accessibility to each app or app category spontaneously


schedule accessibility to each app or app category in the blabloo smartphone remotely


allow access to the blabloo smartphone Play Store and main settings

family chat

communicate safely and educate children on how to use messaging or chat apps


know where your child is at any moment


allow your children to contact you in case of any danger

why blabloo?


blabloo software is pre-installed on the blabloo smartphone: it is impossible for kids to remove it and bypass the settings made by the parents


the blabloo smartphone is a ready-to-use solution: it is already configured and the parents app is user-friendly


the blabloo smartphone can be managed remotely: there is no need to snatch the child’s smartphone from their hands


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